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🚚 Happy Tuesday, Everyone! 🚚

Another day, another opportunity to make things happen. 💪 Whether you’re moving freight, managing logistics, or tackling whatever challenges come your way, remember that each day is a chance to take a step closer to your goals. At JCT, we’re here to support you every step of the way. If you have shipping needs, questions, […]

🌟 Experience Seamless Shipping with JCT’s Online Customer Portal 🌟

Are you ready to simplify your freight shipping experience? Look no further! Introducing the JCT Online Customer Portal – your gateway to streamlined, hassle-free logistics. 🚛 Instant LTL Rates: Get real-time Less Than Truckload rates for both Canada and the US at your fingertips. ✉️ Easy Booking: Say goodbye to complicated booking processes. Our portal […]

🚚 Happy Labor Day from JCT! 🚚

On this Labor Day, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated workers who keep the wheels of industry turning. 💪 At JCT, we understand the importance of hard work, not just on Labor Day, but every day of the year. Our incredible team of professionals, from our drivers to our logistics experts, plays a […]

Navigating the New Norm: How JCT Can Help Transportation and Logistics Thrive

The transportation and logistics sector has experienced a unique set of challenges in adapting to the “new normal.” However, within these challenges lies a spectrum of opportunities waiting to be seized. JCT, your trusted freight brokerage partner, is here to guide transportation and logistics companies through the evolving landscape, offering insights and strategies to enhance […]